Donald Trump celebrated Abraham Lincoln's birthday with a fake quote

Sunday marked President Abraham Lincoln's 208th birthday.

So, naturally, President Donald Trump commemorated the occasion by sharing an inspirational quote from our 16th president on Instagram.

But here's the issue — no one can confirm Lincoln actually said it.

Both Trump and the Republican National Committee posted a photo of the Lincoln Memorial along with the quote in question: "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."

But quote sourcing website Quote Investigator says it "has found no substantive evidence that Lincoln used this expression."

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In fact, the site claims the phrase was most likely first used in the 1940s to advertise a book on aging by Dr. Edward J. Stieglitz. And former Illinois governor and Democratic presidential nominee Adlai Stevenson II apparently used a similar version of the quote in his speeches a few years later.

Of course, Twitter users were quick to point it out and even suggested some other interesting phrases Lincoln could have used.

But Trump and the GOP aren't the only ones guilty of attributing the quote to Lincoln.

Multipleotherwebsites connect the former president to the quote.

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Twitter reactions to Trump's Frederick Douglass narrative
@realDonaldTrump - Have you ever heard of Frederick Douglass? Do you even read?
Can we all just massively mail copies of Frederick Douglass's works to the White House? #doesdonaldtrumpknow
*Suddenly-aware progressive voter reaches passed "Bacon,Squats,Pizza" tank & KONY2012 shirt* *Grabs Macbook Air. Googles Frederick Douglass*
Frederick Douglass is some guy. Sean Spicer says there's more to come from Fred even though he died in 1895.
Frederick Douglass, I mean folks, that was when music was music, fantastic music. Motown. Motown folks. Ben Carson is black, and I know him.
#AlternativeFacts will now be morphing into #ImaginaryFriends. Tump is now BFF with #FrederickDouglass
.@Yassir_Lester @ALKATEX Shocked Trump didn't just go with "Frederick Douglass was a cool dude".
Hey @POTUS call me I can let you sit in on my history class. #FrederickDouglass has been dead 122 years 'has done' means lately you #dumbass
@Trevor90666770 Only if you've been dead for 122 years, as Frederick Douglass has.
In all probability the US President may well be, right now, receiving a briefing explaining to him that Frederick Douglass is dead.
I'm not saying who, but somebody thinks Frederick Douglass is a Congressman. #alternatefacts
So did Frederick Douglass come back to life? #BlackHistory #spicerfail #alternativefacts
I almost felt bad for tweet storming against Trump. Then I saw his speech and realized he thinks Frederick Douglass is still alive.
Lots of focus on Frederick Douglass, not so much on how Trump also mentioned a major pro-slavery guy Thomas Jefferson in the same word vomit
Donald Trump said Frederick Douglass has been getting more attention lately today. I'm NOT supposed to joke about this. HOW?
Frederick Douglass was the man who convinced Lincoln that slavery was evil. Instead of a Douglass, Trump has....Steve Bannon. #BlackHistory
Trump and Spicer 100% do not know who Frederick Douglass is
Jesus wept. Everyone in this administration is a bunch of ignorant clowns. I knew more about Frederick Douglass at…
Today’s speeches demand the question why the WH didn’t invite Frederick Douglass to the breakfast.
@mattdpearce @Fahrenthold The press needs to keep asking who Frederick Douglass is until Trump or Spicer bother to figure it out (Spicer)

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