80-year-old grandmother forbidden from bringing cane on a plane for an odd reason

BYLINE: Emily Drooby

An 80-year old woman brought a sword to the Myrtle Beach International Airport, but she wasn't dangerous, just clueless.

The elderly woman was simply trying to catch her flight when she was stopped after going through the TSA's X-ray machine which showed a sword hidden within her cane.

"She had no clue it was in there," the TSA regional spokesman announced during a media event.

The woman didn't realize that the gift from her son that she had been using for years doubled as a deadly weapon.

However, ignorance wasn't an excuse and the woman was forced to leave the sword/cane combo at the security checkpoint.

This story isn't as crazy as it sounds. According to the Charolette Observer, the TSA reports, "it happens a lot. People pick them up at a thrift store and the sword isn't found until we X-ray it."

The idea kind of makes antique shopping with grandma seem way cooler!