Trump and Cuban rip into each other during morning Twitter fight

There is no love lost between President Donald Trump and fellow billionaire businessman Mark Cuban, and on Sunday the pair's rivalry spilled over onto Twitter.

Trump blasted Cuban first, early Sunday morning, saying the Mavericks owner was not "smart enough" to run for president. Cuban fired back, sharing multiple emails between the two during the 2016 election.

Cuban even revealed that in May 2016 he seemed to issue a challenge to Trump, hinting that they could go head-to-head in the 2020 presidential election.

Click through the timeline of President Trump and Mark Cuban's Twitter fight:

"I may go after that job some day and it could be against you," Cuban said in an email he shared Sunday on Twitter from May 2016.

"I know Mark Cuban well," tweeted the president early on Sunday. "He backed me big-time but I wasn't interested in taking all of his calls. He's not smart enough to run for president!"

Trump may be responding to a report by the New York Post that claims the White House is currently researching potential opponents for their 2020 reelection campaign, and Cuban is reportedly the administration's "biggest fear."

Cuban replied roughly an hour later to Trump's attack with a simple "Lol," however he followed up shortly after by posting two screenshots of prior correspondence he had with then presidential candidate Trump.

"How soon they forget," tweeted Cuban.

The first image is apparently an email Cuban sent in April 2016 congratulating Trump on his multiple primary victories. It then appears Trump wrote on a printed copy of that April email from Cuban with a marker and sent it back to Cuban following an appearance the NBA team owner made on CNN that Trump did not like.

"Mark—wow—Saw you on CNN—Nasty! What happened?" Trump wrote in a thick, dark longhand on the printed email from Cuban that originally read, "Tell the boss I said congrats on his sweep!" according to the image.

The second image Cuban shared was his reply email to Trump which read, "Nothing happened. Once you got past Cruz I really hoped you would dig into the issues," Cuban said in the May email according to the image.

In the 2016 email, Cuban also offered Trump some stern advice, urging the then GOP candidate to "learn the details" surrounding policy.

"I get that a big part of your base doesn't care about issue details, but to be president, to be this close, you have to dig in and know your s***," wrote Cuban.

"Everyone else is afraid of you. I like to challenge you."

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