Rep. Jason Chaffetz calls town hall protests a 'paid attempt to bully and intimidate'

Rep. Jason Chaffetz from Utah said on Saturday that the thousands of protesters at his town hall on Thursday were from out of town and were "paid" to protest.

"You could see it online a couple days before, a concerted effort in part to just cause chaos," Chaffetz said Friday, according to reports. "Democrats are in disbelief that they have nothing but flailing and screaming to deal with this."

The congressman called the protest a "a paid attempt to bully and intimidate."

Many were quick to point out online that the Republican representative had not provided any evidence that attendees were paid to be there.

Former speech writer for President Obama Jon Favreau ‏took to Twitter, saying, "He needs to show evidence that this is true, or apologize."

"These people went to his town hall because they were worried about losing health care. He then told the world they were there for money," continued Favreau.

On Thursday, a massive crowd of demonstrators swarmed a town hall in Chaffetz's home state of Utah, calling on the congressman to investigate President Trump the way he did former secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

Protesters reportedly booed at the mention of President Donald Trump's name, and at one point members of the audience stood up and began to chant, "Do your job!"

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"I'll never satisfy their desire to bring down Donald Trump. I'll never satisfy that. It will never be good enough," said Chaffetz.

"We're better than that. That's not what the average Utahn is like."