Protesters block Education Secretary Betsy DeVos' entry into DC school


Betsy DeVos has been the U.S. Secretary of Education for only days and is already inspiring protests.

On Friday, demonstrators gathered outside of Washington, D.C.'s Jefferson Middle School Academy, blocking her entrance into the building, reports WJLA.

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As one of the individuals assembled yelled "Shame," DeVos ran back to her car and jumped inside.

A bit later, she did find a way in.

DeVos was at the school for an event also attended by the chancellor of the D.C. schools.

She was confirmed as the education secretary on Tuesday in a vote that required Vice President Mike Pence break a tie.

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Much of the controversy surrounding her is tied to her past advocacy for charter, religious, and private schools over public education, notes the Washington Post.

According to ABC News, many fear she will do harm to the nation's public education system by diminishing its funding in favor of offering tuition vouchers to alternative institutions of learning.

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