Cheer and present danger: UCLA cheerleader falls twice in a matter of seconds


One UCLA cheerleader took two nasty falls within seconds of each other during a basketball game Thursday night.

Sophie Lellis-Petrie, a junior at the school, tumbled to the ground while doing a human pyramid routine during the game between her Bruins team and Oregon.

As she slammed against the hardwood, a young trainer rushed over to carry her off the court.

But then he tripped over a tote bag, forcing him to take a dive with the cheerleader in his arms.

"Say a prayer, light a candle for that young angel of UCLA," Bill Walton said on the ESPN telecast.

The guy who carried her off obviously had the best of intentions, but many are wondering whether it was the proper course of action.

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Emergency room doctor Mike Varshavski told Inside Edition that what the man did was not proper procedure.

"She should have been on a backboard with her neck secured and two people on each side to make sure something like this would not happen," he said.

Her tumble is yet more proof that cheerleading can be dangerous. The Consumer Product Safety Commissions says 37,000 emergency room visits each year are caused by cheerleading.

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Following the incident, the UCLA Spirit Squad tweeted that Lellis-Petrie will be OK.

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