Woman faked four-year relationship, Photoshopped photos with his real fiancé

A U.K. woman fabricated a four-year relationship with a man who is engaged to another woman.

The woman, Jill Sharp, claimed to herself be engaged to Graham McQuet and went so far as to doctor photos of him with his actual fiancé, Marianne Stirling. Sharp created a Twitter account to show off this fantasy life.

Friends of Sharp apparently grew suspicious and found McQuet and Stirling; they had no idea who Sharp was, nor that she'd created this double life for herself.

According to friends, the 31-year-old told them that she had met a man named Graham and created the Twitter to share their outings together.

"Whenever anyone asked when we were getting to meet him there was always an excuse. He was working, he'd hurt himself, he was ill – and on it went," a friend commented. "She was leading this incredible life on social media but no one had seen her with him and it was just plain strange."

Their suspicions heightened when Sharp shared a photos of them individually at Westminster Abbey -- but it was clear they were taken on different days.

"She put up a picture claiming they were having a weekend away in London but the two images were completely different," a friend said. "It was obvious it had been taken on a different day."

"In her picture, supposedly taken by Graham, the ground is light and there's no one else in the frame. In his photo the ground looks wet and there's crowds mingling."

Peers did not know who it was that Sharp was faking the relationship with, but they knew it wasn't real. "Jill had then retraced their footsteps a month or so later to take the picture," they said. "It was totally creepy."

They soon tracked down McQuet, who knew nothing about Sharp or their supposed engagement. He and Stirling soon tweeted about the ordeal themselves:

Tweets about fake four-year relationship
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Tweets about fake four-year relationship

The couple has launched an investigation. Sharp has since deleted her "engaged" Twitter account.

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