Minnesota police threaten drunken drivers with Justin Bieber

By Keri Lumm, Buzz60

Justin Bieber was part of a Super Bowl ad for T-Mobile where he talked about the origins of football celebrations.

The commercial was more than a simple multi-million dollar minute during the biggest game of the year. It also had an unintentional consequence. It brought about Justin's brief return to Instagram, which made beliebers around the world rejoice.

Not to mention the 6.9 million views the video got for T-Mobile.

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But in addition to this good news for fans, cops in Wyoming Minnesota decided to use the commercial a little differently: as a punishment!

They tweeted: If you drive drunk tonight we're going to subject you to that Justin Bieber @TMobile Super Bowl Commercial the entire way to jail.

The police department then changed their minds and tweeted: Scrap the Bieber punishment, if you're caught drinking and driving we're going to make you watch Patriots #SB51 game tape

Of course, the game took an unexpected turn and all of the police department's ideas were thrown out just like the Falcon's lead.

Even if that proposed Justin Bieber punishment isn't used by the cops, parents might still give it a try.