Netflix is the subject of a boycott campaign after a new comedy ruffled feathers on the alt-right

On Wednesday, Netflix released the trailer for a new original comedy, "Dear White People." The short clip didn't give much context apart from saying something along the lines of "dressing up in black face isn't cool."

For the most part, the show appears to parody race relations and the oddities of "white people."

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The alt-right message boards lit up with accusations that the show "promotes white genocide." The Reddit feed The_Donald has been flooded with calls to cancel Netflix and, like the Audi Super Bowl commercial that promoted equal pay for women, the teaser trailer for the show was over-weighed with downvotes.

Check out social media reactions to the show's trailer:

Alt-right boycotts "Dear White People"
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Alt-right boycotts "Dear White People"
Netflix announced a new anti-white show (Dear White People) that promotes white genocide. I cancelled my account,…
#DearWhitePeople Netflix has decided to promote the anti white agenda. #NoNetflix
Goodbye @netflix. Thanks to your show "Dear White people," I'm canceling my membership. #NoNetflix
@DeuntayCharles @TheZuska @netflix It's working. Netflix stock is already down $1 #NoNetflix
@netflix I can see I'm not welcome here. #NoNetflix
#DearWhitePeople is just the tip of the iceberg of anti-white propaganda on Netflix. Protect your kids' minds and dignity: #NoNetflix!
We must stop funding groups that wish our demise: are anti-conservative, racist and bigoted. #NoNetflix

The comments section of the trailer became something of a sounding board for those seeking to cancel the show. One user, who claimed to have cancelled his Netflix account, made his profile picture the famous Al Jolson photo where the actor appears in blackface. Another commenter claimed, "I came here from /r/The_Donald just to downvote."

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The call to action may not have a huge effect on Netflix, who just enjoyed their biggest quarter ever in terms of subscriber growth. However, social campaigns like #DeleteUber have caused actual changes in the behavior of companies, so maybe Netflix will change their tune.

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