76-year-old newlywed shoots wife after argument over consummating marriage

Officials say a 76-year-old newlywed told them he shot his new bride in the buttocks after an argument in Lehigh Acres, Florida.

According to a Lee County Sheriff's Office report, Donald Royce admitted that they were fighting over their sleeping arrangements. He said they got married in August, but they still haven't consummated their marriage.

"Holy cow, that's ridiculous. A grown adult having a temper tantrum about sex," Royce's neighbor, April Bailey, told WFTX.

The couple's roommate told officers she heard two gunshots, then went to investigate. When she did, Royce reportedly pointed the gun at her, according to WFTX.

As deputies arrived, Royce told them "I shot her and the gun is in my room." Later, he said he never wanted to shoot her -- he only wanted to scare her by shooting the mattress.

The 62-year-old wife was trauma alerted to Lee Memorial Hospital, WFTX reports. She had gunshot wounds to the buttocks and hip.

Royce has been charged with aggravated battery.

His wife is recovering at home from her wounds, and described the situation as a nightmare.

She told Four in Your Corner that they were together six years before they got married, and she never thought he could do something like this.