President Trump reveals how much sleep he actually gets

By Josh King, Buzz60

You could call President Donald Trump - the nation's workaholic in chief. He claims he only gets around four to five hours of sleep a night.

In a recent interview with Fox host Bill O'Reilly, Trump said he works long hours until 1 or 2 in the morning.

He also stated during the interview that he is usually awake around 5 AM to watch TV and read newspapers. His favorite programs Fox and Friends and Morning joe, shows that reportedly recently raised their ad rates because they know the President is watching.

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And White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer recently backed up the President's claims saying trump gets four hours of sleep "at best".

A lack of sleep may be seen as a sign of strength among some leaders. Former President Bill clinton said that he could function on four to five hours of sleep.

And that other world leader making headlines right now Vladimir Putin says he only needed four hours of sleep before getting back to work.

The President is known for tweeting at all hours of the night, could Putin be next?