Orange Coast College bans in-class recordings after professor's viral anti-Trump rant

Following a video of a professor speaking out against President Trump, California's Orange Coast College has now banned in-class recordings.

A video of the rant, shared on YouTube last December, amassed over 400,000 views:

The instructor, identified as Professor Olga Perez-Stable Cox, called the president a "white supremacist." She also said his election was "an act of terrorism."

This semester, signs warning students against recording have popped up at the college. According to Rob Schneiderman, president of the Coast Federation of Educators, this policy banning recordings have always stood. "We're not just concerned about faculty members having words taken out context," he told the LA Times, "but we're also concerned for students who may not want their image, words or questions to be published and widely distributed."

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Cox had received backlash following the video, including from college organization OCC Republicans. The student who recorded the video shared it with the group, who then publicized it. Joshua Recalde-Martinez, President of the OCC Republicans, called the signs condemning recording a "slap in the face to students."

"One of the things it's doing is suppressing students from reporting faculty wrongdoing," Recalde-Martinez told the LA Times, "Another is producing a huge inconvenience to those who otherwise regularly record classes."