Footage of 'prisoner's soul' floating through prison walls leaves people spooked

A video filmed on CCTV has gone viral, leading many to believe that a 'ghost' haunts this maximum-security prison.

The eerie footage displays a black apparition mysteriously floating through the prison walls.

In the clip, the dark spectre appears to drift up from the ground and enter the jail.

Staffers at the Campo Grande prison in Brazil were allegedly stunned by the figure, raising the security alarm to alert others after they mistook the 'spirit' for an actual prisoner attempting an escape.

The footage was caught on the prison's surveillance camera and later shared to social media this week, spooking viewers -- many of whom are certain the mysterious figure in the clip was a ghost.

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"This is very much the soul of a prisoner, or its ghost," one person posted on Facebook. Where as some reportedly dismissed the figure a "garbage bag."

However, the State Penitentiary Administration Agency denied the video as real, claiming that the black figure was just the shadow of someone moving.