What is Donald Trump really eating?


By Emily Drooby, Buzz60

Donald Trump might not know too much about alcohol but he does know that KFC is Finger Lickin' Good.

The President doesn't drink or smoke - but his eating habits are less than healthy.

Trump loves his fast food - including KFC and McDonald's. Last year he told the Daily Mail that he eats a ton of fast food on the road because quote, "it's quick".

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It's not just all about the fast food - Trump's butler told the New York Times that he loves big steaks.

And thanks to one infamous photo - we also know he loves taco bowls.

Trump also believes in snacking... especially on Lays Potato chips and Doritos. According to the Rolling Stone - Trump's also a fan of Vienna Fingers made by Keebler.

Some aides say Trump has changed his dietary ways since entering the White House. According to Axios a source familiar with Trumps routine claims that he has swapped out fast food for healthier options like fish, seafood, and cobb salads.

One food President Trump still won't touch - Oreos after the brand's parent company moved some of their Chicago operations to Mexico.

Hey, at least that's a reason to dislike the treat - we're still waiting for one from Sean Spicer and his Dippin' Dots feud.