Twins separated during 21-hour surgery celebrate first birthday

These previously conjoined twins are celebrating their first birthday in another huge milestone after their 21-hour separation surgery in January.

Ballenie and Bellanie Camacho underwent the surgery January 17 with a team of 50 doctors, nurses, and other medical staff at Maria Fareri Children's Hospital in New York.

Thankfully, doctors said the twins are recovering beautifully and there's no better time to celebrate than their birthday.

"They are recovering very nicely. Better than I think we could hope for," Pediatric surgeon, Whitney McBride told "They are both bright eyes, smiley and happy kids."

The twins each received their own special cake Saturday, one blue and one pink, as they laid cozily in separate beds alongside their parents.

"We are very happy, emotional, grateful," the girls' mother, Laurilin Marte, said.

Marte and the twins' father, Marino Abel Camacho of Moa, of the Dominican Republic, were unaware their daughters were conjoined until after their birth.

"Our family does not know how we can repay everyone with the happiness we've been given," Marte said.

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