Photo of Trump in a bathrobe emerges amid spat with New York Times


The New York Times posted an article Sunday about the new Trump White House, calling the adjustments happening in the West Wing "turbulent."

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer immediately tried to brush off the story as "fake news."

What grabbed the most attention in the article, however, was a strange line about President Donald Trump watching the news in his bathrobe.

"There were just literally blatant factual errors and it's unacceptable to see that kind of reporting or so-called reporting," he said during a press meeting aboard Air Force One on Monday.

Spicer used the odd story as a telltale sign that the article includes many falsehoods.

"I don't even think the president owns a bathrobe. He definitely doesn't wear one," he said.

Twitter users quickly started sharing photos of Trump in loungewear to prove the press secretary wrong.

Though the photos are not solid proof that Trump currently wears a robe to watch TV, there's no denying he has certainly worn one in the past.

Maggie Haberman, who co-wrote the New York Times article that sparked the debate, told CNN's Anderson Cooper that the piece was meant to humanize the president and show what goes on behind the scenes.

See more photographic evidence of the president wearing a bathrobe: