Outspoken Trump critics pen postcards to 'President Bannon'

By Josh King, Buzz60

President Donald Trump's advisor Steve Bannon is going to be getting a lot of mail soon.

Many critics of Trump say that Bannon has a huge influence over the new president, so much so that people are now sending grievance postcards to "President Bannon" instead of Trump.

See images of signs about Bannon:

The trend went viral on social media with numerous people posting pictures of their letters to Bannon with the hashtag #PostCardsToBannon and #PresidentBannon.

One person wrote, "Let White House know how much you appreciate Steve Bannon for stepping in and helping Trump with his presidency. Send a card."

Others were a little more harsh in their response, writing, "Thanks for taking lil Donnie under your fetid, dark wing as your apprentice."

The President Bannon mail is coming in after Trump signed an executive order giving Bannon a seat at the National Security Council and issued an executive order for a temporary immigration ban on seven muslim countries.