Kidnapping victim gives advice on how to escape from abductors


A woman's story of survival is truly inspiring after she was abducted and tortured by a notorious serial killer.

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Jennifer Asbenson was 19 when she was abducted by Andrew Urdiales. But 24 years later, she returned to California's Desert Hot Springs to record a video explaining her daring escape to encourage others never to give up.

Asbenson was walking to a bus stop near Palm Springs, California, in September 1992 when she was offered a ride by Urdiales, who is believed to have killed eight women.

Her attacker brought her to the middle of the desert, where no one could see her and no one could hear her screams. She says she knew for sure she was going to die.

"I was staring into his eyes, and it was just pure evil — it could have been the devil," she told Inside Edition.

After being tortured for hours, she says she was forced into the trunk of his car. She demonstrated how she was able to get her bound hands free. She then undid the trunk latch and ran for her life.

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"I turned and looked and he was chasing me down the road with a machete," she said.

But then, two Marines who happened to be passing by saw the woman and rescued her.

Another five years would pass before Urdiales was captured. He confessed to murdering eight other women and admitted Asbenson was the one who got away.

She told Inside Edition that it was "absolutely" important to make the video and tells women "not to give up" if they find themselves in a similar situation.

Urdiales, who is already serving life sentences in Illinois, will go on trial in June in California for murders he is charged with in the state. If convicted there, he faces the death penalty.

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