'Cash me Ousside' girl punches airline passenger

Danielle Bregoli, known at the "Cash Me Ousside" girl, was pulled from an airplane, along with her mother and another passenger, after Bregoli hit the woman passenger in the face.

According to TMZ, Bregoli's mother was struggling to put her luggage in the overhead bin as she and Bregoli boarded the Spirit Airlines flight out of LAX. Bregoli's mother has only been walking with the aid of a cast because of an injured foot, and that was part of the reason she struggled to put her luggage up properly.

However, a woman also boarding the plane got impatient with the wait and allegedly put her hands around Bregoli's throat. Bregoli claimed that was the reason she had to clock the woman in the face. The woman then made a citizen's arrest, and police were called to take all three off the plane.

Apparently, no arrests were made as no one wanted to press charges, but they did decide that they would let their lawyers figure things out between them.

The incident was caught on video, and in the footage, you can hear the woman spitting at Bregoli and her mother and also calling Bregoli a "w***er."

All three women were banned from Spirit Airlines.

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