Uber flying car project recruits NASA engineer

Uber has recruited NASA engineer Mark Moore to work on their flying car project.

Moore was an advanced aircraft engineer at NASA working on designs for a flying car.

Bloomberg reports that ride-hailing company Uber consulted with Moore for a recent white paper on the concept and has now hired him as director of engineering for aviation.

The company's new initiative is called Uber Elevate. It aims to get around traffic congestion through the use of miniature helicopter-like vehicles called VTOL's, an acronym for Vertical Take-Off and Landing.

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Though Moore is leaving NASA, he seems to think the agency would have a better shot at success in this arena if it chose to do so.

Moore told Bloomberg, "it's the federal government who is best positioned to overcome extremely high levels of risk."

But, for now, private companies like Uber remain at the forefront of this emerging technology.

(By: Matt Hoffman)

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