Trump: 'Any negative polls are fake news'

President Donald Trump blasted negative polls as "fake news" and accused "FAKE NEWS media" of lying in a series of tweets Monday morning.

"Any negative polls are fake news, just like the CNN, ABC, NBC polls in the election. Sorry, people want border security and extreme vetting," Trump tweeted.

Trump notably won the presidential election despite many professional polls predicting a decisive Hillary Clinton victory.

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Twitter reacts to Trump calling the media the 'opposition party'
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Notice how bannon has told trump to refer to the media as "the opposition party" in his tweets now. They're trying to make that title stick.

A recent CNN poll found that Trump has the lowest approval rating in recent history for a new president, with a 53% majority said they disapprove of the way Trump is handling his job.

Just 44% approve of the job he's doing two weeks into his presidency, according to the poll, seven points below the previous low for presidents measured in the survey. Trump is the only president in recent history to hold a net-negative rating at this point in his tenure.

Additionally, polls have found that Trump's actions aimed at national security have not been well received by Americans:

  • 53% oppose the executive order Trump signed that temporarily bans travel to the US for citizens of seven majority-Muslim countries.
  • 46%, a plurality, believe it makes the US "less safe" from terrorism.
  • A majority, 55%, view it as "an attempt to ban Muslims" from entering the US.
  • 60% oppose building a wall along the US-Mexico border. Trump signed an executive order last week to begin formulating a plan for the wall's construction.

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Approval ratings of major countries' leadership
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Approval ratings of major countries' leadership

2015 approval rating of U.S. leadership: 45%

(Photo by Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images)

2015 approval rating of German leadership: 43%

(Photo by Christian Marquardt/Getty Images)

2015 approval rating of EU leadership: 39%

(Photo credit VLADIMIR SIMICEK/AFP/Getty Images)

2015 approval rating of Chinese leadership: 30%

(Photo credit AFP/Getty Images)

2015 approval rating of Russian leadership: 24%

(Photo by Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images)


In mid-January, before his inauguration, the then-president-elect dismissed his low approval ratings as "rigged."

The president also said he uses data to "call my own shots" and accused what he termed the "FAKE NEWS media" of lying in a separate tweet Monday morning.

"I call my own shots, largely based on an accumulation of data, and everyone knows it. Some FAKE NEWS media, in order to marginalize, lies!," Trump tweeted.

Brett LoGiurato contributed reporting to this story.

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