Supreme Court plans transgender rights hearing in tandem with Neil Gorsuch debate

According to a schedule released Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments for a major transgender rights case in early March as a political fight looms over President Donald Trump's nominee to fill the court's current open seat.

By March, Trump's conservative pick Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court seat that remains vacant due to the death of Justice Antonin Scalia last year is likely to face objections from opposition politicians and organized interest groups.

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Gorsuch, a nominee conservative groups and Republican senators alike immediately praised, is a conservative federal appellate judge from Colorado. The 49-year-old's stance on social issues like transgender rights will likely be a topic of discussion during his confirmation process.

Said to have openly embraced the late justice's "originalist" approach, many believe Gorsuch fits the mold of justice Scalia.

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In a landmark case, which remains one justice short of the eight-justice court, a Virginia public school district is fighting to prevent a transgender teen, Gavin Grimm, from using the restroom and locker room respective to his gender.

There is a chance of a 4-4 ruling in the case, in which case the no legal nationwide precent will be set.