Poll: Trump's approval rating sinks to record low after second week in office


With two weeks as president of the United States under his belt, Donald Trump's approval rating continues to sink to new record lows, according to numbers released by Gallup over the weekend.

Gallup, a polling center that has tracked the job approval of every president since Dwight D. Eisenhower, reports that 42 percent of Americans approve of the job Trump has done so far, a new low for any president after two weeks in office.

Trump's disapproval rating is now at 53 percent.

For comparison, former President Barack Obama's approval rating during his second week in office was 65 percent, while George W. Bush enjoyed a rating in the mid to high fifties in early 2001.

Some of the blowback potentially leading to Trump's low approval rating may be related to the speed and aggressiveness the 45th president has used to implement his agenda. Trump signed 18 executive orders within the first 12 days of his presidency. While the president continues to check the boxes of his many campaign promises, some Americans feel he may be moving too quickly.

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According to Gallup, almost 50 percent of U.S. citizens feel Trump is moving too fast in addressing the major problems facing the country today, with 35 percent saying his pace is about right. Only 10 percent of those polled say he's not moving fast enough.

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Obama signed 19 executive orders over the course of his first 12 days in office -- one more than Trump. However, according to Gallup, only 22 percent of Americans felt Obama was moving too fast in 2009.

Nevertheless, if the first few weeks of his presidency are any indication, U.S. citizens shouldn't expect the billionaire businessman turned leader of the free world to slow down or take a break anytime soon. In one of his first interviews as president, Trump told FOX News' Sean Hannity that he didn't like the idea of taking time off from work.

"I like working. I don't think I'm a workaholic. I just like what I'm doing. I don't go too much for the vacations because I'm bored," said Trump.

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