Casey Anthony comes out of hiding to protest Trump outside Mar-a-Lago estate


Nearly six years after she was acquitted in the death of her two-year-old daughter, Casey Anthony was found protesting outside Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate over the weekend.

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The seldom-seen 30-year-old is said to reportedly live in the Palm Beach area of Florida where Trump has his estate.

Photographers and journalists from local outlets like the Palm Beach Postand WPTV spotted the controversial figure outside the 45th president's estate.

She told WPTV that she was there because she is against his policies. She did not appear on camera and did not specify which policies she was against.

Anthony attended the protest dubbed "March Mar-a-Lago," which was organized by South Florida Activism and Women's March Florida PBC.

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Palm Beach Police took to Twitter to say they estimated 3,000 people were outside the gated Mar-a-Lago estate and it was a peaceful protest that resulted in no arrests.

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