20 year old on how she finally accepted that she wasn't pregnant with baby Jesus

Four months ago, Haley was convinced that she was going to give birth to baby Jesus. She said she came to the Dr. Phil show to prove to her family and friends – who didn't believe her claims – that she was truly pregnant.

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"I don't care what the home pregnancy test or a doctor says. When I give birth to my baby, no one is going to deny him because he's my savior," she told Dr. Phil.

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After leaving the show, Haley completed two months of inpatient treatment to help her manage her delusions. On Friday's episode, she gives Dr. Phil an update.

"I'm doing a little worse than I was last time," she tells Dr. Phil. "My schizophrenia has gotten worse."

In the video above, she tells Dr. Phil how she came to terms with the reality that she was not pregnant. And, she explains why she didn't believe the ultrasound results showing no pregnancy during her first appearance.

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"At the time, I was so against it because I didn't think it was a real ultrasound," she explains. "But now I'm looking at it, and maybe I should have listened better. But I wasn't about to back down because I really thought I was pregnant."

On Friday's episode, hear why Haley is still convinced that rapper Eminem is her father. And on Monday, see what happens backstage when Haley's family shows her some tough love.

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