Your ground beef may include heart meat

If you've consumed ground beef since July of 2016, there's a chance it contained beef heart meat.

That's when it was announced that producers could add unlimited quantities of the product, which is muscle harvested from the inside of cow hearts' ventricular wall.

News of the policy is just now beginning to spread, reports KPIX.

A representative from the U.S. Department of Agriculture told Consumerist that this is not actually a new policy, but rather a clarification of an existing one.

Either way, labels indicating its inclusion are not required.

While the idea of eating cow hearts is likely disconcerting to some, David Budworth, a spokesperson from Marina Meats, assures all that heart meat is perfectly healthy.

He recently told KPIX, "It would add a really nice beefy flavor you'll never know the heart's there," and noted that heart meat is high in both iron and B-12.

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