Cockroach living in woman's skull extracted through her nose

It's often said that cockroaches are able to overcome all sorts of environmental challenges, making it possible for them to live just about anywhere.

A recent medical case in India certainly supports that belief.

Doctors in Chennai treated a woman who had a live cockroach residing in her skull, reports Deccan Chronicle.

The patient arrived at a clinic in the early hours of Wednesday, complaining of pain in her nose.

She was ultimately sent to a hospital where medical staff discovered the cause of the discomfort.

Dr. M. N. Shankar, one of the doctors at the hospital, told the New Indian Express that the cockroach was "sitting in the skull base, between the two eyes, close to the brain."

Removing the insect was tricky and involved suction and various clamps.

After about 45 minutes, they finally pulled the roach through her nose, notes the Daily Mail.

When the cockroach emerged it was still alive.

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