America first, Europe second: TV comics pitch Trump their countries

President Trump's made the guiding light of foreign policy pretty clear: America First.

Trump said during his inauguration speech, "It's going to be only America First."

And our European allies seem to be fine with that. But they have a few requests.

Starting with a satirical show in the Netherlands, various TV shows around Europe have been pitching their countries to Trump, using his preferred style.

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In most of these videos, countries are angling to be Trump's second-favorite in the world — though some aren't so ambitious.

Trump's recent actions on immigration and his past criticism of NATO and the European Union have left many European leaders worried about the future of their alliances with the U.S.

And Europe's TV comics also share that fear.

One German show told Trump, "When you push the red button to destroy Germany with nuclear weapons, this is how Germany looks like on the map." They then displayed a picture of Italy.