World's smallest fox born at Taronga Zoo is all ears

Fennec foxes are the smallest of their kind and often easily recognizable due to their relatively giant pointed ears.

These traits make for furry little babies that are extra adorable.

Australia's Taronga Zoo welcomed a newborn to their family in early December and reports that the baby is doing well.

Taronga Zoo

The animal, whose sex has not yet been determined, has spent the bulk of the last couple of months in its protective shelter and just recently began making regular trips out into the open.

Deb Price, one of the keepers at the zoo, said, "The little one is beginning to spend a lot more time outdoors. We're seeing it playing, rolling around on its back and chasing after mum and dad."

Visitors are welcome to stop by and pay the baby fox a visit but should note its public appearances are brief and occur at unpredictable intervals.

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