Insane footage of a rainbow forming right next to a watersprout in Cancun

Rainbows have been spotted in the strangest of places, and last week was no different.

A vacationer in Cancun, Mexico spotted a rainbow form near a waterspout in Cancun, Mexico.

The vacationer captured the above footage early on Saturday, Jan. 28 after waking up to find an incredible view in the Caribbean Sea.

See images of a quadruple rainbow form across the sky

Quadruple rainbow all the way across the sky
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Quadruple rainbow all the way across the sky
Good morning from @Nassau_Coliseum. #Isles
Double #rainbow over the Port Washington #lirr station this morning.
@NYPDHighway #photooftheday #PictureOfTheDay #fun #beautiful day ahead
A beautiful rainbow over Hillside Support Facility this morning! Photo: Jackie Bove.
@WestonSchool1 Look at the beautiful rainbow Mrs. Griffiths found this morning over our school! 🌈
A rainbow and a Flying V--two things that will always slightly blow my mind.
@SamChampion @AMHQ - good morning! Just saw this #rainbow while walking to the train station. #Hicksville #LongIsland

Waterspouts are columns of cloud-filled wind that can occur when a tornado forms over a large body of water. There are two major types of water-based tornadoes: tornadic waterspouts and fair-weather waterspouts.

Tornadic waterspouts begin as tornadoes and are influenced by winds from severe thunderstorms. The more common, and fortunately less dangerous, fair-weather waterspouts descend from clouds that are as fast-moving -- giving them a tendency to remain static.

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