Twitter explodes with trending Trump hashtag after Australia-US call

Details of a call between President Trump and Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull have been leaked.

The Washington Post reports Trump ended the call 35 minutes early after the two leaders disagreed on upholding a refugee deal set in place by former President Obama.

According to the Post, Turnbull said the report that the president hung up is incorrect, but that didn't stop the internet. Twitter exploded with the trending hashtag #ReasonsTrumpHangsUp

One user tweeted: #ReasonsTrumpHangsUp Mexico refuses to pay for the call.

Another user tweeted: He's expecting a call from Frederick Douglass. #ReasonsTrumpHangsUp.

After the President's recent comments about Douglas "getting recognized more and more," Twitter has speculated on the question of whether Trump thinks Frederick Douglas is still alive.

One user took aim at Kellyanne Conway and her own popular hashtag, #alternativefacts.

The tweet read: It's not a "hang up", it's an "alternative disconnection."

Another user poked fun of the President's comedic doppelganger, Alec Baldwin, with a tweet that read: #ReasonsTrumpHangsUp because SNL is on.

Another comedic user tweeted: He doesn't speak Australian. #ReasonsTrumpHangsUp.

Whether we should be worried about our relations with Australia or not, it looks like a lot of people were able to laugh about the whole thing.

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