Rampaging deer destroys Canadian gas station

Some very, very confused deer recently broke into a gas station in New Brunswick, Canada.

Resident Bertrand Beaulieu was merely walking around his neighborhood when he heard a weird noise. When he turned around, he spotted three deer sprinting -- towards a Canadian Tire gas station.

He spoke to local news outlet Global News about the incident. "I was right in the middle of downtown, and you don't see wildlife right in the middle of downtown," he said.

Right after they ran in, Beaulieu sprung into action -- and started filming. He shared a video of the odd sight on Facebook:

Security footage shows the deer scrambling while in the store. Employee Jean Luc Godbout shared video on Facebook as well:

"There was pop bottles on the floor, and candy and papers, deer hair and a little bit of blood," Beaulieu said. They eventually found their way out and rushed off.

Beaulieu believes he witnessed something completely unique. "I won't see that again in my lifetime," he said.

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