Woman's pet python gets stuck in her earlobe

PORTLAND, Ore. (WPIX) — A Portland woman says she and her pet ball python are inseparable — but they recently became a little too close for comfort.

Ashley Glawe said she put Bart around her shoulders when it felt like he struck at her ear. As it turns out, he wasn't in attack mode — he was just trying to hide in the hole created by her gauge ear-piercing.

"I froze instantly. I didn't move because I really thought he was like attacking the side of my head," she said.

Woman’s python gets stuck in her earlobe
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Woman’s python gets stuck in her earlobe
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Glawe said she tried to get him out using cooking oil.

"I tried to get him out myself. And I knew I wasn't going to be able to without hurting him by pulling him back against his scales," she said.

Glawe went to the emergency room where they applied lubrication and removed the snake. Bart was not injured.

"He acted like nothing even happened and was totally chill," she said.

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