WhatsApp may let you take back a message you regret

By Elizabeth Keatinge, Buzz60

Have you ever sent a message and wished you hadn't? It's one of the most relatable feelings.

That's why the messaging app WhatsApp may now let you delete that message you regret, so long as the person you sent it to has not read it yet.

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The messaging service, which is owned by Facebook, is reportedly testing the ability to edit or recall messages that have already been sent.

The Twitter account @WABetaInfo, which tracks features that WhatsApp is testing across platforms, first reported the test.

The feature is currently being tested in the beta versions of WhatsApp on Android and iOS.

The update has revoke or edit options for messages that have not yet been viewed by the receiver.

However, there's still a big catch. The person you are taking that message back from can tell!

When you revoke a message the receiver will instead see a, "sender revoked the message" text in their inbox.

Which, if you think about it, is almost as hard to explain as a bad text.