Passenger claims woman booted from flight due to cleavage

Did one passenger really get booted off a plane for showing too much cleavage?

Cathy Supp says she couldn't believe it when the unidentified passenger was kicked off the Spirit airlines flight that prior to its departure to Fort Lauderdale from New Orleans Monday.

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"There was discussion about her outfit," Supp told Inside Edition. "She was upset; she was crying."

Supp says that when she tried to give the woman a tissue, she was also kicked off.

Supp says the passenger was embarrassed by the ruckus her outfit was causing that she actually covered up with a coat.

But Supp says it was too late, and she was still taken off the plane.

"She took these big lapels from her coat, covered herself all the way up to her neck, and she was sitting there absolutely silent," Supp recalled. "I thought the whole thing was over. I kept thinking, 'Why are we still at the gate?'"

But Spirit Airlines claims cleavage had nothing to do with the passenger's removal, but rather that she was being "loud and belligerent."

"The woman's cleavage played absolutely no role in her removal," the airline said in a statement. "The woman was removed because she was intoxicated and other passengers complained about her behavior."

In regard to Supp, Spirit said she "tried to interfere."

"After being asked to sit down, and refusing, she too was removed from the flight," the airline said.

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"I basically gave this woman a tissue because she was basically silently crying behind me. The flight attendant rushed up from the back of the plane and said, 'I told you if I was called back to your seat again you would be thrown off the plane.' At no time did he give me a specific command that I refused to follow," Supp said.

She says the passenger had just one beer but wasn't intoxicated.

"Originally they came and accused her of being drunk; it appeared that that she is fine to fly. Minutes pass and someone came and there was a discussion about her outfit," Supp said. "They started out, 'Yeah, you are drunk.' Now, if she really was drunk they should have removed her instead of keeping her on. The way they were treating her was terrible."

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