Obama in a backwards hat has Twitter in chaos

New life, who dis?

Barack and Michelle Obama are off on a post-inauguration vacation and you can bet they are enjoying themselves.

Known by many as "America's Cool Dad," the former POTUS has been spending time soaking up some sun in the British Virgin Islands with billionaire pal Richard Branson.

And, much to Twitter's subjection, a recent photo that surfaced shows Obama embracing the island getaway in full attire has the internet derailed.

Backwards hat Obama has now taken over Twitter.

Twitter reactions to Obama's backwards hat:

Some have taken the opportunity to reminisce about Obama's days in the Oval Office:

Others have praised him for his sense of style:

Michelle was also seen sporting denim short with pig tails. She and Obama waved to passerbys while strolling on the beach.

But the majority were happy to see the Obamas taking some well-deserved time off.

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