Experts warn children not to pop balloons so they don't go deaf

Are you throwing a birthday party for your kid? You might want to think twice about those birthday balloons.

We already know blowing up a bunch of balloons can hurt your cheeks, but now it looks like the sound made once they're popped can damage your kids' ears also, according to a new study.

A couple of scientists are here to burst your bubble, telling kids not to pop their balloons.

Turns out, a balloon pop is louder than a shotgun!

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Two hearing experts from the University of Alberta in Canada measured the noise levels from popped balloons.

They destroyed the balloons three ways; with a pin, squishing the balloons with their hands and blowing them up until they popped on their own.

Even with hearing protection, the researcher was still spooked by the big bang because it clocked in at almost 168 decibels. That's four decibels louder than a 12-gauge shotgun going off next to someone's ear.

For comparisons sake, a jet engine flying overhead is 140 decibels and the Canadian government recommends avoiding noise levels over 140 decibels.

Even one exposure could be dangerous for both children and adults, potentially causing hearing damage.

Party on but keep the popping to a minimum.