Blunt sign posted at Texas daycare goes viral

Parents across the country are abuzz over a sign posted at a daycare in Rose Hill, Texas.

"You are picking up your child! GET OFF YOUR PHONE!!!!" it reads.

Juliana Farris Mazurkewicz posted a photo of the message on her Facebook page:

"Your child is happy to see you!" the sign continues. "Are you happy to see your child??"

Thousands of people have posted their reactions to the photo.

"The irony that this was probably photographed using a phone," Ross Samuel said.

M.L. Gaynor took offense to the sign.

"I would flee work just to pick my child up on time, only to get a call from work about a client on the phone asking questions. Sometimes I had to take that call. I would apologize to my daughter, and tell her that without my job there is no daycare, no house, no food," she said.

"Don't assume people are talking about trivial things."

Tasha Phillips said she absolutely loves the sign, and thousands of people agreed.

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