'Rogue' White House staffers tweet alleged secrets about President Trump


Shortly after President Trump's inauguration, a Twitter account named "Rogue POTUS Staff" sprung up. The page is among several anti-Trump "rogue" accounts from federal organizations, such as the the "Alternate" National Park Service:

This newer profile joins a Twitter ecosystem where the National Park Service Twitter account came under fire last week for criticizing Trump administration. Soon after, federal agencies were ordered to restrict their social media communications.

The week-old Rogue POTUS Staff account, which describes itself as the "unofficial resistance team inside the White House" has already amassed over 400,000 followers. Many of their tweets detail what Trump allegedly says behind closed doors in the White House:

Others seemingly foreshadow what the president will do:

Check out other tweets from the Rogue POTUS Staff

In the case of a rumored LGBT executive order, Trump announced Tuesday that he will strive to protect LGBT workplace rights. The "Rogue POTUS Staff" account claims this is was due to public pressure:

The account asserts people running the profile must keep their identities secret in order to keep their jobs. They say that they "will block anyone who asks us to ID ourselves (including press), or who makes suggestions of violence." Whether the account has any validity is unclear.