Paul Ryan allegedly handed powerful letter by anonymous woman on plane

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has been criticized by many online for his recent flip flop on Trump's immigration ban. Last July, he condemned the idea of the ban in a Tweet:

Now, while Ryan calls how the ban was introduced "regrettable," he still supports it.

This comes after a recent town hall, where Ryan was confronted by undocumented immigrants asking if he wants them deported:

He also spoke with a cancer patient who claims he would have died without the Affordable Care Act, who asked Ryan about its possible repeal:

Now, someone else took the opportunity to tell Ryan how they feel. While on a plane on Sunday, a fellow passenger allegedly handed him a letter:

"A friend of mine was on a flight with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan today," the uploader wrote. "This was the note she gave him."

The note begins by thanking Ryan for his public service. The author then goes on to discuss their political differences. "We may not personally agree on many issues, but one thing I know we both believe in is the greatness of this country."

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That's why, the writer notes, is why the immigration ban is troubling for them. "I was taught to be kind and to accept and welcome all people, no matter their origin." They urge Ryan to "remember the teachings all Christians were raised with -- to love thy neighbor and help those in need."

The author politely tells Ryan to be on the right side of history and to "be aware that all of us...are at your mercy."

The letter has been circulating the internet; as of Tuesday it has over 300,000 views.