NRA ready to push agenda under Donald Trump's presidency


The National Rifle Association (NRA) is expected to aggressively push its agenda now that the Trump administration is in place, reports The Hill.

In coming years, the association intends to have two controversial initiatives -- expanded concealed carry laws and an easing of silencer restrictions -- pass through Congress, notes the Wall Street Journal.

The former could essentially make it legal for a gun owner in a state that allows toting concealed weapons to do so in states that do not, so long as they follow the rules outlined in the granted concealed carry permit. The latter would make gun add-ons that drop the decibel level of a gunshot widely available again, reports NBC News.

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Silencer manufacturers would likely immediately produce gun sales and profit, but, as the Motley Fool points out, it could also be a boon for makers of ammunition.

At present, outdoor gun ranges have limited places to set up shop due to the noise problems they create.

Fewer decibels could mean more ranges, which may result in increased bullet sales.

Despite the fact that Republicans control Congress, there are NRA agendas, such as the hope of doing away with gun permit requirements entirely, that will not likely be well supported.