Mark Cuban continues his days-long roiling of Trump: 'I've been crushing POTUS'


Mark Cuban's seemingly non-stop roasting of President Donald Trump has continued into its third day.

In doing so, Cuban has taken a more active stance than any prominent business or tech leader against the president's executive order temporarily barring travel and refugees from seven Muslim-majority nations.

"I have been crushing POTUS," he posted to Twitter Monday. "He has earned it."

"Lots of bad decisions," the billionaire business mogul added. "BUT, it is still just 10 days in."

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Cuban, the owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks and star of ABC's "Shark Tank," was a prominent surrogate for Democrat Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign. He spent the weekend taking aim on Twitter at Trump's executive order, which he felt was "rushed." The order was met with backlash by many business leaders and politicians, and it led to mass chaos at airports and nationwide protests.

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He spoke with CNBC early Monday morning, reiterating some of his points from Twitter and expanding on others. While he had been a persistent adversary of Trump's during the general election campaign, Cuban largely refrained from criticizing Trump during the transitional period.

"I hope he adapts, but whether he does or not there is no question that all of us, whether we agree with him or not, will be active & heard," Cuban posted Monday evening, adding, "This isn't about giving him chances. It's about speaking up and connecting peacefully, but forcefully with our representatives."

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"The one thing we all must convince our representatives of is that we will make our voting choices independent of what POTUS says or does," he continued. "We will vote in elections based on what our reps do. They want to be re-elected and we learned in [November] just how important every vote is."

Cuban expressed he's "still optimistic" Trump's "overwhelming drive to be liked will force him to change," but he said the president will need plenty of help to make what Cuban believes to be a necessary adjustment.

"Sometimes it feels like if you spot our president A and B, he wouldn't be able to find C," Cuban tweeted. "He is going to need all of our help. A lot of it."

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