Cyclist forced to cling to bridge for dear life after horrible in-race accident


A cyclist made an incredible save to avoid falling 30 feet off a bridge during a race over the weekend.

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During the annual Santa Barbara County Road Race in Southern California, a group of cyclists were involved in an accident that had one biker going airborne.

Mike Allec's bike flew over the bridge and he was left hanging on for dear life to the barrier of the bridge. Had he slipped, he would have dropped 30 feet to certain death.

"I think falling on the wall actually saved me from further injury," he told Inside Edition. "The other guys just smacked on the pavement. The wall prevented me from doing that."

The crash happened as the cyclists were approaching the finish line of a race.

Allec, a manager of one of the teams, clinged to the wall until a bystander came to help him over the bridge.

He told Inside Edition that lived because of "a little bit of good reflexes and a little bit of luck." He added that the situation was an "Oh crap!" moment.

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His frightening crash was recorded by another biker's helmet camera.

Several bikers suffered fractured ribs, punctured lungs and broken collar bones. Allec did not sustain any life-threatening injuries, but picked up road rash, bumps, and bruises.

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