Press Secretary Sean Spicer responds to mocking satire about himself

On Saturday, satirical news source The Onion tweeted out a video about what we should know about White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer:

As it is a lampoon of news, The Onion said that one responsibility that Spicer had was to "provide the American public with robust and clearly articulated misinformation."

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The video also said that Spicer was a national correspondent for NPR, which is false; that he has a "defensive" speaking style, which is subjective; that he knowingly lied to the press depends on his "mental activity"; and that he "nails" wearing a pocket square -- which is also subjective.

Spicer, who may not be aware that The Onion is a satire site, retweeted the video:

This comes after Spicer was under fire for his first press conference where he falsely reported inauguration crowd numbers. Afterwards, senior adviser Kellyanne Conway said Spicer used "alternative facts" about the crowds.

"You nailed it," he wrote. "Period!" It's unknown whether Spicer was aware that The Onion was mocking him.