Police hold memorial service for beloved equine officer

A beloved horse, Equine Officer "Willie" of the Columbus Police Department in Ohio was given a memorial service on Friday.

Willie, who died of cancer in early January, had served the department for 11 years. His partner of 10 years, Officer John Shoopman, said the 24-year-old horse will always be remembered.

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"We really developed a good partnership," Shoopman told 10tv.com. "You only have a horse maybe once in a lifetime that you can really connect to and know it. Great friend, partner, trust, always there for me."

Willie showed signs of Colic so Shoopman took him to the vet where he found out the Saddlebred had a tumor around his Colon. He died a week after having it removed.

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Willie was one of 10 horses with CPD's Mounted Unit.

"He will be remembered thought out Columbus as the horse who knew his way to his favorite places including Lindey's GermanVillage to get a carrot or an apple," police wrote on their Facebook page.

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