Man finds lost dog with a strange message on his tag

Tyler Wilson thought he'd found a lost dog when a yellow lab approached him at a local Kentucky gas station, but the hound's collar told a different story.

He'd seen the dog before so he thought the pup might need some help — until he looked at his collar.

Instead of contact information for the dog's owner, the tag offered a friendly message.

"My name is Dew. I am not lost. I like to roam. Tell me to go home."

Wilson got a kick out of the message and took to Twitter to post about it, in a tweet that has now gone viral.

"Came up to me while I was pumping gas. Dew just likes an adventure," Wilson wrote.

The Valero gas station where Wilson spotted Dew is at the end of his owner's 70-acre property, according to reports. Dew reportedly often hangs out a lot around town, including at the firehouse and a nearby school.

Dew's owners told BuzzFeed News that the canine is chipped and wears a GPS in case he ever wanders too far, but he always comes home.

"He stood by me the whole time until we said our goodbyes," Wilson said of their gas station visit. "It was a tough goodbye but it put me in a good mood because I wasn't expecting to read that on his collar. I gave him a hug and then I slowly drove off."