Russians suspected of aiding investigations into hacking are being arrested and possibly murdered


The fallout from the U.S.-Russian hacking scandal continues, as The Telegraph reported an ex-KGB chief who is reported to have helped former spy Christopher Steele compile the infamous dossier on Donald Trump, was reportedly murdered. The latest development peels back another layer to the controversial Russian hacking scandal, as experts believe the Kremlin may have covered it up.

The infamous Russian dossier compiled by Steele has brewed controversy since its release in January. Revealed in the documents is Trump's teams reported ties to the Russian government and the controversial golden showers accusation. Trump has vehemently denied all the claims and waged a war against the press for revealing it. And it looks like Russia is looking to put a kibosh on it as well

The Russian official is being identified as Oleg Erovinkin, a former KGB general and a key aide to former deputy prime minister Igo Sechin. Erovinkin was found dead in Moscow on boxing Day, under "mysterious circumstances." Adding, even more, intrigue to the story is that Erovinkin was seen as a liaison between Sechin and Russian President Vladimir Putin, fueling more suspicion his death may have been linked to the dossier. And Erovinkin was not the first, as The New York Times reported two Russian intelligence officers have been arrested and charged with treason for giving information to the U.S. Steven Hall, a former CIA head of Russian operations, said this is a big deal and the arrests may be larger than people imagine:

These arrests may just be the tipping point concerning Russian hacking.

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(Via The Telegraph & The New York Times)