Michael Moore has bold reaction to Trump's Muslim ban

By Keleigh Nealon, Buzz60

As crowds grew at JFK airport in New York City to protest Donald Trump's ban on Muslim refugees entering the country, celebrities showed support to protesters from afar.

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Movie producer Judd Apatow tweeted, "He doesn't understand that this will lead to people in America becoming radicalized as a result of his ignorance and cruelty."

Michael Moore apologized to Muslim neighbors saying "The majority of Americans did not vote for this man."

And, Russell Simmons took to twitter saying, Donald Trump's Muslim ban is "against everything this country was founded on" calling the president "shameful."

Shortly after Trump's executive order went into effect Friday night, lawyers challenged the president's decision by filing a lawsuit for two men who were detained at the airport as a result.

One of those men has since been released.