Handwriting experts decipher Trump's grand signature

On January 20, Donald Trump signed his first official documents as president, and observers have since taken the opportunity to scrutinize his signature.

In addition to a distinct appearance, which Quartz has compared to an earthquake reading, it reportedly took him six to seven seconds to write the 11 letters of his name; in contrast, Barack Obama was at least three times faster in writing his.

As Marc J. Seifer, a handwriting analyst, explained to the media outlet about Trump's signature, "It's a long name and he writes every letter, although most of it is up and down angles. The image of his signature is important to him and so he takes a bit of time to get it right."

Meanwhile, Tracey Trussell, a U.K.-based expert, is quoted as telling The Independent, "His signature transmits wild ambition, dynamism, bravery and fearlessness ... He's hungry for power and has both determination and stubbornness in spades."

And certified analyst Kathi McKnight told Us Weekly that "the razor sharp writing, full of points and wedges, reveals someone whose mind is extremely analytical."

Handwriting analysis, also called graphology, factors in elements like a legibility, word spacing, and letter angles to help assess an individual's personality.