Authorities warn about 'Can you hear me?' scam

New warnings are being issued about a phone scam where potential victims are asked, "Can you hear me?"

According to CBS News, the con tries to get people to say "yes" so the word is recorded and eventually used to initiate unauthorized charges to their accounts.

The scam has been reported in several states including Pennsylvania, Florida, and Virginia where a police officer from Norfolk told WTKR that the call typically comes from a recognizable area code.

Some call recipients may also hear the person or recording mention a company affiliation before posing the question, notes WTSP.

In response, Susan Grant with the Consumer Federation of America recommends that people simply hang up.

KTLA reports that police have also suggested that the public avoid answering questions or giving personal information over the phone, especially from unknown numbers.

However, those who suspect they may have already been victimized by this scam are advised to check their billing statements and dispute unauthorized charges.

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